Get on the Map

“Get on the Map” with Philanthropy WV

What is Get on the Map?

Philanthropy WV encourages its members to participate in the current standard of e-reporting grants data.  Foundation Center by Candid and the United Philanthropy Forum have partnered to bring you Get on the Map, a data sharing tool designed to dramatically improve the quality and availability of giving data for your region.  This data mapping tool is available at no cost to your foundation through its Philanthropy WV membership.  We have worked with a Foundation Center representative to assist our members in uploading more descriptive grants data. For more information check out their website or email us at

The mapping tool will display grantmaking data provided by members who choose to participate. Participation is entirely voluntary.  Currently, there are 4 participating members (and 1 nonmember) sharing their grants data on the map.  The more members participating the better the map will serve your grantmaking abilities.  Search for information on:

  • who else is funding a particular issue in a region
  • what organizations are tackling that issue
  • what are the funder partnership opportunities
  • who may be natural collaborators

Get on the Map is NOT a solicitation tool; rather, it is a peer-to-peer platform for Philanthropy WV members to enhance their grantmaking by understanding where grant dollars are currently going in our state.  Because this is populated with grantmaking data provided by our members, the more members who volunteer to share their data the more useful the map.

Ready to Get on the Map?

Upload your grants data to the map in just three easy steps!

  1. Register for a Foundation Center Updater account.
  2. Export a complete list of your most recent grants in Excel.
    • Already using a grant management software?  Check out the Foundation Center software partners LIST to see if yours is listed if so follow your software programs’ link for instructions on how to upload your grants data.
    • Not using a grant management software?  Foundation Center offers an easy to follow template that will aid you in uploading your grants data.
  3. Upload your file in Updater’s “Upload Grants” section

Philanthropy WV staff are here to assist you, email questions to  Foundation Center has also just announced a short webinar series to help our members interested in learning how to participate in Get on the MapClick on the webinar date below that best fits your schedule:

Already on the Map?

Coming Soon!

All members of Philanthropy WV, reporting or not reporting to the map, still have access to the database.

Will this map be shared with the public?

No. This is a private tool available only to Philanthropy WV members. All Philanthropy WV members will be able to log in through a password-protected page on our website. The map and its contents will NOT be shared with or available to the general public.

Contact us with your questions or concerns at your convenience.

The tool will be available to all Philanthropy WV members through a password-protected access page on our website.