Webinar Recording – Responsible AI Adoption in Philanthropy

A presentation by the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) regarding the recent release of its groundbreaking version 1 of the “Responsible AI Adoption in Philanthropy” framework. A collaborative effort between TAG and Project Evident, this framework was released in December 2023 with the goal of providing essential guidance on the responsible and equitable use of artificial intelligence (AI) within grantmaking organizations.

Download the Slide Deck

During this event, you can expect to learn about the collaborative process that resulted in this first version of the framework. In addition, you’ll get to hear from peers and practitioners who contributed to the development of the framework. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the framework’s design principles and how they foster equity, transparency, and responsible AI adoption.

This is the first session of the 2024 Grantmakers Toolkit Series addresses how grantmakers can adopt AI usage that ensures human flourishing, minimal risk, and maximum benefit. The 2024 Grantmakers Toolkit Series is hosted by Philanthropy West Virginia and in partnership with Council of NJ Grantmakers, Grantmakers of Western PA, Wisconsin Philanthropy Network, NY Funders Alliance, Maryland Philanthropic Network, North Carolina Network of Grantmakers, and Florida Philanthropic Network.