Philanthropy WV September BOD Meeting Packet

Please click on the items below to open/download the meeting packet files: 

Sept. 2016 Meeting Agenda

Attachment A – June 2016 BOD Meeting Minutes

Attachment B: Two Parts:

              1. YTD 08-31-2016 Financial Report  

              2. Grant Summaries as of 09/2016 Update

Attachment C – FY 2015 Annual Audit (accrual basis)
               Ref: FY 2014 Annual Audit (cash basis)

Attachment D – FY 2015 Form 990 for ratification

Attachment E – AAPIA Application

Attachment F – Snowshoe Fdtn 2016

Attachment G – Two Parts: Strategic Plan Session Notes & Draft:

                1. Strategic Plan Outline DRAFT
                2. Strategy Session Notes 

Attachment H – Gift Acceptance Policy

Attachment I – Huntington Bank Sample Bond Portfolio

Attachment J – President’s Quarterly Report