Policy & Document Samples

In our commitment to supporting our members’ service and impact, Philanthropy WV is pleased to provide the following sample documents for your organization’s use. We advise that you please consult your board and or individual legal/financial counsels for full adoption. Please click on the items below to download a sample document for your use:

(a) Conflict of Interest Policy Sample

(b) Whistle Blower Policy Sample

(c) Document Destruction & Retention Policy Sample

(d) Accounting Policies & Procedures Sample

(e) Assessing Outcomes & Grant Report Samples:  Philanthropy WV had a report issued through the WVU MPA Program to compile sample grant report templates and best practices on assessing outcomes. This resource is provided to support and simplify your foundation and corporation’s request reports from grants.

(f) Setting Your Foundation’s Mission, Vision, & Values Resource: Are you updating or creating your foundation’s mission, vision, and values of the first time? Check out this resource to identify best practices in creating all three.

(g) Establishing Your Foundation or Corporation’s Grant/Giving Process:  Are you setting up your company or foundation’s grant making cycle or process? If so, here’s a resource to help you updating or creating from setting your guidelines, application process. selection process, and grant reporting.

(h) Sample Mini-Grant Applications for Disaster Grantmaking: Philanthropy WV is pleased to provide this sample mini-grant application for disaster grantmaking for our members. We advise you to consult your legal counsel and tax advisors to confirm the use of this template for your organization.

(i) Sample Emergency Grant Application for COVID-19