2017-2021 Strategic Plan

Meaningful Action: Learning, Leveraging, & Leading Strategic Plan

For over 25 years, Philanthropy West Virginia has helped established and new philanthropy (corporate, private, family, community, and public) by building skills, honing leadership, and creating pathways into improving the quality of life in the Mountain State.

West Virginia is changing rapidly and needs in our communities continue to shift.  As  
philanthropy, we serve a critical role through grantmaking, sharing expertise, convening
communities to solve problems, and creating partnerships for long-term benefit.  For a
vibrant and healthier state, we must have a strong and growing philanthropic secto

Through member and partner input, Philanthropy WV is committed to our 2017-2021
Strategic Plan titled Meaningful Action:  Learning, Leveraging, and Leading
with these areas meaning

  • LEARNING: Providing on-going high-quality professional development for board members, trustees, CEOs, staff, and advisors of foundations, corporate giving, United Ways, and individual philanthropists. 
  • LEVERAGING: Advancing partnership opportunities among funders to address West Virginia and Appalachia’s greatest opportunities with local, state, and national funders working together 
  • LEADING: Leading in public and humble ways to advance opportunities to strengthen and build inclusion for our communities at the policy, grantmaking, and community levels

Our Theory of Change is:  A thriving community, region, and state requires a strong, vibrant, and growing philanthropy sector.  Philanthropy West Virginia has a demonstrated history of growing, serving, and strengthening philanthropy in the Mountain State.  Philanthropy WV’s focus on Meaningful Action through learning, leveraging, and leading will contribute substantially to achieving our mission, working toward our vision, and fulfilling our values.  We invite our members, partners across all sectors, and the general public join us in this meaningful work focused on action.

For more details on Philanthropy WV’s Meaningful Action Strategic Plan overview, you can find more HERE!